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n.1.(Anat.) The medulla oblongata.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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One afternoon at six, when Dulcie was sticking her hat-pin within an eighth of an inch of her medulla oblongata , she said to her chum, Sadie--the girl that waits on you with her left side:
It was formed by the junction of the two vertebral arteries at the ventral aspect of the medulla oblongata. It passes in a rostral direction ventral to the medulla oblongata and the sulcus basilaris of the pons.
In both the United States and Kenya, has any socio-governmental authority ever defined "corruption" in a manner that satisfied you as a being equipped with medulla oblongata? Why, moreover, is our government silent on other crimes that Kenyans (and their visitors, including Americans) are prone to committing in Kenya and everywhere else on this planet?
For those particular cases, there may be potentially applied scientific research relating to the serotonin levels in the medulla oblongata or hippocampus associated temporal lobe epilepsy (CDC, 2014).
[6] In extra-pontine myelinolysis cases, these features are observed frequently in the corpus callosum, basal ganglia, hippocampus, lateral geniculate body, thalamus, cerebellum, and cerebral subcortex, and it is observed infrequently in the midbrain, internal capsule, and medulla oblongata. [17] Our patient's MRI brain was suggestive of osmotic encephalopathy.
Las categorias de clasificacion que reflejen y busquen la satisfaccion de necesidades seran mas diversas de acuerdo a la complejidad de la necesidad; es decir, la mayor diversidad de especies o mayor indice es reflejo de la complejidad de la necesidad a satisfacer como son los casos de Chamaedorea oblongata Mart.
The R2 pathway is controlled by multiple synapses between the pons and the medulla oblongata. Use of neuroleptic drugs generally leads to reduced blinking frequency as well as high-amplitude R1 (16).
We performed the primary diagnostic test (TeSeE ELISA; Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Hercules, CA, USA) for detection of protease-resistant core of [PrP.sup.Sc] ([PrP.sup.res]) on the 3 moose and 1 reindeer from Norway (7) in the medulla oblongata at the level of the obex.
Samples were taken from the brain (telencephalon, thalamus, pituitary gland, cerebellum, pons, medulla oblongata, mesencephalon), the spinal cord and dorsal root ganglions, and plantar foot skin.
With the head erect, we would expect this bullet to track right into the medulla oblongata, deep brain, for an instant and permanent "lights out." In this case, the incapacitation was instant but not permanent.
These ones look like no meaningful education can penetrate their oblongata. Today, anyone in doubt of the quality of youth we churn out from schools should read the Facebook.