n.1.(Geom.) A prolate spheroid; a figure described by the revolution of an ellipse about its greater axis. Cf. Oblatum, and see Ellipsoid of revolution, under Ellipsoid.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Tambien se ha usado Laevicardium oblongum tras observar que con su impronta se pueden obtener impresiones cuadrangulares separadas entre si (Manen y Salanova, 2010) (Fig.
Dominant families of the flora included Osteomeles subrotunda, Trichophorum subcapitatum, Engelhardtia chrysolepis, Lithocarpa uvariifolia, Acer oblongum, Helieia kwangtungensis, resurrection plant, and Firmiana danxiaensis (FD).
Ovarium; oblongum obscure trigonum, adhaerens, stylo incrassato, filamentis longiore, stigmate triquetro.
Forelius pruinosus (Roger) Microdon (Dimeraspis) fuscipennis (Macquart) Iridomyrmex chasei Forel Oligeriops dimorphon (Ferguson) Iridomyrmex rufoniger (Lowne) Oligeriops iridomyrmex (Shannon) Linepithema humile (Mayr) Mixogaster lanei Carrera and Lenko Linepithema oblongum (Santschi) Microdontinae spec.
oblongum, Piptadenia flava, Pseudopiptadenia inaequalis, Samanea saman, Sesbania sp.
Brassicaceae Lepidium oblongum Small B N 4020 (Veiny pepperweed) L.
To someone who asks "what sort of land have you bought?" the answer will contain a descriptive phrase such as "oblongum ab initio, deinde latiorem" (elongated at the beginning, then broader), "duorum iugerum longitudinis" (two iugera long), "incerte latitudinis" (of uncertain broadness).