a.1.Having an obtuse angle; as, an obtuse-angled triangle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The cans feature a glossy finish and a sporty look with an obtuse-angled sharp cut design, along with a bright red circular accentuation.
I proceeded to orotracheal intubation with fiberoptic laryngoscopy and a spiral-wound tube (Ruschelit Tracheal Tube, 5.5 mm ID) with an obtuse-angled tip (Figure 3).
E) in vicinity of the external obtuse angle [angle] (BED) (a, c) and for the "dead zone free" viscous flow (b, d) of a plasticine workpiece model through obtuse-angled equal channel angular dies AOC-BED of Segal (a, c) and Iwahashi geometries (b, d) with channel intersection angles [angle] (AOC) = 2[theta] = 105[degrees] and external rounding BED in channel intersection zones R = 15 mm (b, d), where the time distance between small points of computational flow lines is 3 s, and the time distance between circles of computational flow lines is 30 s.
From this it is manifest that policies that are fair are not efficient in an aligned society (ABC is obtuse-angled).
From the previous exercise it is seen that there are only two shapes; a small right-angled triangle within one square with side lengths (1, 1, [square root of (2)]) and an obtuse-angled triangle with side lengths (l, [square root of (2)], [square root of (5)]).
If the point O is outside the triangle ABC (an obtuse-angled triangle) the proof is slightly altered.
By drawing a dodecahedron and an icosahedron (a regular construct with twenty planes) as duals inside each other he arrived at the acute-angled and obtuse-angled rhombohedrons which make quasi-periodical spatial filling possible.
Vertex distinctly broader than long in midline (about 3.5: 1), anterior margin convex and thickened, posterior margin obtuse-angled concave and ridged, lateral margins subparallel and distinctly ridged, disc of vertex slightly depressed, median carina ridged, not reaching anterior margin of vertex.
Along with participants in a Save the Children[R] charitable event, tens of thousands of people lined up that day to cross the narrow 370-meter aluminum footbridge accented by obtuse-angled steel projections.
In addition to the 196 apartments, the building, which wraps an obtuse-angled corner, also has a total of 50,000 square feet of big-box-style, multilevel space for three retailers.
It could act as reinforcement, like the prow of a boat, but if this is so, the absence of raphe at obtuse-angled forks requires explanation.
This book is something different, an effort to explore the entrepreneurial aspects of a late nineteenth-century interstate roadway network in southwest Kansas, northwest Oklahoma, and the Texas panhandle-an obtuse-angled triangle roughly 200 by 100 by 150 miles in extent, its apex at Dodge City and its sides terminating at Tascosa and Mobeetie, Texas.