a.1.Having an obtuse angle; as, an obtuse-angled triangle.
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From the previous exercise it is seen that there are only two shapes; a small right-angled triangle within one square with side lengths (1, 1, [square root of (2)]) and an obtuse-angled triangle with side lengths (l, [square root of (2)], [square root of (5)]).
If the point O is outside the triangle ABC (an obtuse-angled triangle) the proof is slightly altered.
By drawing a dodecahedron and an icosahedron (a regular construct with twenty planes) as duals inside each other he arrived at the acute-angled and obtuse-angled rhombohedrons which make quasi-periodical spatial filling possible.
Along with participants in a Save the Children[R] charitable event, tens of thousands of people lined up that day to cross the narrow 370-meter aluminum footbridge accented by obtuse-angled steel projections.
In addition to the 196 apartments, the building, which wraps an obtuse-angled corner, also has a total of 50,000 square feet of big-box-style, multilevel space for three retailers.
It could act as reinforcement, like the prow of a boat, but if this is so, the absence of raphe at obtuse-angled forks requires explanation.
This book is something different, an effort to explore the entrepreneurial aspects of a late nineteenth-century interstate roadway network in southwest Kansas, northwest Oklahoma, and the Texas panhandle-an obtuse-angled triangle roughly 200 by 100 by 150 miles in extent, its apex at Dodge City and its sides terminating at Tascosa and Mobeetie, Texas.