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Femininity - Femininity + Destructivity Negativity Intolerance, obtusity Imperialism/domination Totalitarianism Aggressivity Violence Normativeness Artificiality Crisis Masculinity- Masculinity + The downside of materialism, positivism, reductionism and so on are experienced in this stage.
Only this heavy hammer could crack at last that near-impregnable little-boy naivete--the earnestness, sincerity, energy, and so forth--which like any obtusity had served its bearer as a wonderful armor.
By the same token, enough filters through their conversations, however obscurely given Firmino's obtusity, to convey the Avvocato's role of sentinel, such as La gastrite finds outlined by Blanchot, but also that his enterprise is--self-consciously--as hopeless as Garibaldo's, and pathological as the commitment of friendship in Notturno indiano.