Cordillera Occidental

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Cordillera Oc·ci·den·tal

 (ŏk′sĭ-dĕn-täl′, ōk′sē-)
A discontinuous series of mountain ranges in the Andes lying parallel to the western coast of South America and extending from western Bolivia to northern Colombia. Its highest elevation is Huascarán, 6,746 m (22,133 ft), in western Peru.
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Cor•di•lle•ra Oc•ci•den•tal

(ˌkɔr ðiˈyɛ rɑ ˌɔk si ðɛnˈtɑl)
the W coastal ranges of the Andes, in Peru and Colombia.
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The species have been recorded in the east slopes of the Oriental Cordillera but the Occidental Cordillera are poorly sampled, and there is evidence to suggest the existence of some undescribed species in montane or remote areas there.
- The taxon marsidia Hewitson, 1869 has been known from Ecuador (KIRBY, 1871; CAMPOS, 1921), but it also inhabits the western slopes of the Occidental Cordillera, in cloud forest habitats and also occurs locally in the Choco region.