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Our global emissions are having unhindered consequences including melting glaciers, warming oceans, rising sea levels and changing oceanic current movements.
"To the Denmark Strait: Oceanographers Search for a Mysterious Current" by Dallas Murphy is a profusely illustrated, 144 page compendium comprising a first hand account of an expedition on the research vessel Knorr under the leadership of oceanographer Robert Pickart for the purpose of confirming the existence and origin of a previously unknown oceanic current between Greenland and Iceland.
'This is because of the effects of the North Atlantic oceanic current. Concerns about the impact of climate change on this, and the possibility that it might cause Britain to experience a chilly spell while everywhere else is warmer, have become even more topical of late'.
In addition, observation of oceanic currents and large-scale magnetic structures in the upper mantle would be feasible by means of continuous surveillance of the Earth's magnetic field at altitudes of 85 to 100 kilometers.
Morehead City emergency responders confirmed there were multiple swimmers rescued between Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach on Wednesday due to strong oceanic currents, ( ABC11 reported.
There are now, apparently, socalled great garbage patches formed at the confluence of oceanic currents where tonnes of the world's plastic waste has accumulated.
It also touches on how global patterns of temperature and pressure give rise to overall circulation within the atmosphere, the major wind systems, and the major oceanic currents, and how features such as mountains and sea affect local weather.
Clouds, winds, glaciers, ice sheets, oceanic currents and volcanoes all contribute to the enormous mix.
The world's "plastic soup", much of it swirling around in five main gyres or rotating oceanic currents, costs billions of dollars to the fishing and tourism sectors every year.