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Noun1.Oceanites - a genus of HydrobatidaeOceanites - a genus of Hydrobatidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
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ABOUT THE ANTARCTICA MARATHON AND HALF MARATHON The Antarctica Marathon & Half-Marathon's official charity is Oceanites, Inc.
3 Oceanites oceanicus Sep Northern Fulmar late Oct-Apr 32 3.
Research conducted by Oceanites, a non-profit organisation based in the US, supports the view that tourism has had little or no negative effect on animal or plant life--yet.
The Antarctica Marathon and Half Marathon's official charity is Oceanites, Inc.
This edition also adopted 'stormpetrel' for species of Oceanites, Oceanodroma, and Pelagodroma replacing 'petrel' in preceding editions of the AOU checklist.
Two Oceanites scientists travel on every Lindblad Expeditions' Antarctica sailing, and President of Oceanites Ron Naveen says, "Oceanites is in the forefront of Antarctica science regarding monitoring, global warming impacts, and penguin population changes.