caprylic acid

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ca·pryl·ic acid

 (kə-prĭl′ĭk, kă-)
A liquid fatty acid, C8H16O2, found in coconut oil and other fats and oils and having a rancid taste. It is used in the manufacture of dyes, perfumes, and fungicides. Also called octanoic acid.

ca•pryl′ic ac′id

(kəˈprɪl ɪk)
a colorless, oily liquid, C8H16O2, with an unpleasant odor, used in perfumes and dyes.
[1835–45; capr(ic acid) + -yl + -ic]
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Noun1.caprylic acid - a fatty acid having a rancid taste; found in butter and other fats and oils
saturated fatty acid - a fatty acid whose carbon chain cannot absorb any more hydrogen atoms; found chiefly in animal fats
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Acetic and octanoic acids were at higher potencies in soy yogurts.
In contrast to the chlorinated and HCFC tests which used one acid, oleic acid, the HFC 43-10mee tests were run with equal concentrations (2.5%) of hexanoic and octanoic acids (some pentanoic acid from hydrolysis and transesterification of POE ester) for a total of 5% carboxylic acid in the HFC 43-10mee.
Copper (II) caprylate (octanoic acid), copper (I) acetate and copper (II) acetate were the carboxylates used in the tests.