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n.1.A collection of eight books; especially, the first eight books of the Old Testament.
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John Lowden explores the impact of the Octateuch manuscripts of the tenth-eleventh centuries, namely the five books of the Torah, plus Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, through the five magnificently illustrated extant manuscripts produced by the ruling class.
The first books of the Bible appeared in the form of an Octateuch (Torah plus Joshua, Judges, and Ruth); most manuscripts included glosses on Hebrew words and corrections in accordance with the Hebrew Masoretic text (MT).
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Through an unusual ordering of the Old Testament cycle, the book of Ruth is not at the conclusion of the Octateuch but rather at the end of the manuscript and the final lines of the text provide special recognition of Ruth's status as the matriarch of David and his line.(52) Not surprising, the theme of kingship dominates the Arsenal cycle.