Diminished scale

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a scale of gradation used in finding the different points for drawing the spiral curve of the volute.

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At the apex of a monumental intensification in this section, Kabelac places another change in the modal structure, switching to an octatonic mode with two neighbouring hiatus, highly expressive particularly as it outlines a diminished triad.
This intense moment is suffused with dense musical meaning, as the octatonic scales whirl, and the opening "kiss" tension vacillates with increased intensity and then leaps dramatically up an octave in the piano's right hand (Example 9).
Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher, is an interesting artist, but his new suite for organ began with four movements exploring the potential of an octatonic scale (turns out there wasn't much) before moving on to four seemingly unrelated movements in a Messiaen-lite style.
Gideon's freely atonal style had solidified by the 1950s and, combined with some Spanish-inspired stylistic traits, she wrote music chiefly derived from four pitch-class collections: diatonic, octatonic, hexatonic, and Ahavah rabbah (traditional Jewish).
Since a chess board is eight squares by eight squares, I decided to base my composition off of an octatonic scale, a scale that contains eight notes rather than the traditional seven of a major or minor scale.
Stevens uses a fair amount of octatonic and occasional whole tone scales/harmonies, with surprising horizontal and vertical combinations of half-steps and fourths, creating an interesting balance of consonance and dissonance.
The repetitive ascents of the original "Daddy" melody also make a profound rhythmic transition over the course of the piece, morphing from a subtly irregular yet cantabile collection of durations to a frantic repetition of sixteenth notes (doubled in kaleidoscopic unisons among all four of the strings) and then, eventually, to an eerily ominous series of hypnotically repetitious eighth notes in the aforementioned high cello, surging ever upward in shifting octatonic scale fragments whose limited transpositions allow the scale fragments to sound almost-but-not-quite-the-same, similarly, deceptively, just-barely-different from one another, like the incongruously out-of-place stitches of the rugs.
In search of new scales; Prince Edmond de Polignac, octatonic explorer.
L: Has the octatonic scale been important throughout your body of works?
From in-depth analysis of pertinent examples, recurring stylistic traits emerge, such as semitonal relations, third- and seventh-degree inflection, octatonic activity, tritonal polarity, sequentially treated second-inversion chords, altered Mixolydian mode (with flattened sixth) in addition to traditional modes, and multiple ostinatos, which cut across any particular phase.
Through partial "cut-outs" from the mode, Kabelac also temporarily achieves other modal structures, for example both variants of the octatonic scale: 1-2-1-2.
The song is predominantly written in Aeolian mode, although as always with Poulenc it is sporadically colored with tonal and octatonic scales.