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(Biography) the name of Augustus before he became emperor (27 bc). See Augustus


(ɔˈgʌs təs, əˈgʌs-)

1. Also called Octavian (Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, Augustus Caesar), 63 B.C. – A.D. 14, first Roman emperor 27 B.C. – A.D. 14: heir and successor to Julius Caesar.
2. a title of office given to rulers of the Roman Republic after Octavianus.
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Noun1.Octavian - Roman statesman who established the Roman Empire and became emperor in 27 BCOctavian - Roman statesman who established the Roman Empire and became emperor in 27 BC; defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BC at Actium (63 BC - AD 14)


[ɒkˈteɪvɪən] NOctavio
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THE West Midlands league event at Lizard Hill, near Telford, Shropshire, was very popular and the results should help Octavian Droobers maintain its lead.
The opera's four main characters are the aristocratic Marschallin (Renee Fleming), her young lover Count Octavian Rofrano (Elina Garanca), her cousin Baron Ochs (Gunther Groissboc) and Ochs' prospective fiancee Sophie von Faninal (Erin Morley) who is the daughter of a rich man.
Ylva Kihlberg This is The Marschallin (Swedish soprano Ylva Kihlberg) and her 17-year-old male lover, Octavian, sung by Australian mezzo-soprano Helen Sherman who adopts a convincing male swagger.
The Princess of Werdenberg, aka The Marschallin is consoling herself for the absence of her husband (a Field-Marshal, hence her title) with some sex with her 17 year old lover, Octavian.
In one story line the Marschallin, wife of a Field Marshal, is conscious of her age (she is 32) and realises she will soon have to allow Octavian, her young lover, the freedom to consort with his contemporaries - after all, he is only 17.
Because the octavian algebra is a division algebra [1,2] then for each octavians u and [u.
The story of how Cleopatra seduced Roman ruler Julius Caesar by smuggling herself into his palace rolled up in a carpet -- perhaps the most oft repeated narrative from her life -- came from a record of the Battle of Actium recorded by her opponent, the Roman general Octavian, Wkye said.
And heading these was Soile Isokoski as the Marschallin, heartbreakingly dignified as she renounced her young lover Octavian to a girl much younger than herself.
23 July 2013 - TPG Special Situations Partners, a unit of private equity firm TPG Capital LP, today completed the acquisition of a majority interest in funds managed by New York-based investment firm Octavian Advisors LP, it said in a statement.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 23, 2013-TPG buys controlling stake in Octavian funds(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The MoU was signed during a meeting between Head of Iran's Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Hamid Safdel and Indonesian Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs Yuri Octavian Thamrin earlier this week.
Brown, a consultant in crime scene analysis and behavioral profiling who heads a non-profit criminal profiling and investigative organization that solves cold homicide cases, challenges the story that Cleopatra committed suicide through a snakebite and uses techniques of criminal profiling and crime reconstruction to determine that she was murdered by Octavian.