a.1.(Math.) Of the eighth degree or order.
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The former equation is an octic polynomial in the variable l and hence can have at most 8 possible integral solutions, and the latter is a quartic in l and hence can have at most 4 possible integral solutions.
Sub-pixel layout for super-resolution with images in the octic group," in Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision, pp.
The agency, which has recently taken over visa and passport processing duties for the embassy from Octic International in Gudaibiya, was accused of having reduced office timings and a lack of parking, as well as complaints relating to accessibility and staff
Manama, Apr 297 (BNA) -- There is a recent increase in the number of Indian nationals -- working in Bahrain -- forced to reschedule their journey home and turn back from the Bahrain International Airport on grounds of expired passports, said Fazal Ul Haq, General Manager of the Octic International, an outsourcing agency of the Indian Embassy in Bahrain.
A printout of the online visa application is to be submitted to Octic International Bahrain along with two photographs, visa application fee and other required documents," said an embassy statement.
Octic International, the passport and visa service centre for Indians, said it will remain closed today and tomorrow.
ALL offices of Octic International, the Indian passport and visa services centre, will remain closed for Eid Al Adha on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Octic International, a Bahrain company that offers Indian passport and visa services, plans to open more branches soon, said its general manager.
A group calling itself the ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC) replaced the homepage of Octic International Bahrain with a message criticising India's policy in Kashmir - a territory claimed by both India and Pakistan.
The improvement has been made possible due to the dedication of staff and officials in the consular section and the Octic International, which processes paperwork, it added.
Airport authorities informed Indian Embassy, which asked Octic International to issue new travel documents on his behalf.
Octic International has opened a new branch in Bahrain's East Riffa as part of efforts to extend consular services for Indians living in Hamad Town, Sanad and surrounding areas.