n.1.Same as Octant, 2.
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The quintile analysis is performed similarly to the octile methodology of Hendricks et al.
Adjusted least square means for SBP and DBP estimated for each octile of AChE activity were closely aligned with the estimated linear trends, thus providing visual evidence of good model fits (Figure 1).
In addition we plotted the association of blood pressure as a linear function of AChE and adjusted least square mean estimates for SBP and DBP according to octiles of AChE activity to visually assess model fit.
Brown and Goetzmann (1995) find that funds in the bottom octile show significant negative persistence, while funds in the top octile show non-significant positive performance persistence.
For example, we received responses from 21 of the 39 firms in the top octile of firms.
jd] = 1 if business day d is associated with a calendar date in the jth octile of the month.
077) With separate octile effects added (p-value for indicated [H.
We split the observed homestead exemption rates into octiles, each with 50 observations, and estimate the model with the first octile omitted to avoid perfect collinearity.
5]) Homestead exemption rate -- -- cubed Second octile of homestead -- -- exemption rate Third octile of homestead -- -- exemption rate Fourth octile of homestead -- -- exemption rate Fifth octile of homestead -- -- exemption rate Sixth octile of homestead -- -- exemption rate Seventh octile of homestead -- -- exemption rate Eighth octile of homestead -- -- exemption rate Demographics, business Yes Yes conditions, year and state effects Heteroskedasticity Yes Yes Autocorrelation State State Log-likelihood -7.
9) The values of the manure index represent the octiles of the distribution of observations sorted by the index.