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Noun1.Octoberfest - a strong lager made originally in Germany for the Oktoberfest celebrationOctoberfest - a strong lager made originally in Germany for the Oktoberfest celebration; sweet and copper-colored
lager beer, lager - a general term for beer made with bottom fermenting yeast (usually by decoction mashing); originally it was brewed in March or April and matured until September
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The Octoberfest Pub located in Fulham has the longest running celebration of the famous Oktoberfest in London, started by a group of people that love everything about Bavaria and their unique festival and culture.
Only seven people have completed The Lumberjack's Double Knuckle eating challenge at Octoberfest pub
Themed 'Kinaiyahan atong Ampingan, Kalamboan alang sa Tanan [Care for Resources, Development for All],' the fest included a wide array of events, such as sporting tournaments, Festival Farm, Agro-Industrial-Tourism Trade Fair, Ag Sadya Kiraw Festival Grand Parade with the Mutya sa Buwahanan pageant candidates, music fest and Octoberfest.
Customers could spend USD 8.0 to get a Bud Light, and for the same price, get Goose Island IPA, Samuel Adams Octoberfest or Fat Tire Belgian White.
Petersburg celebrates Octoberfest throughout the month with concerts; gallery walks; Beat the Odds, a race against cancer; Octoberfest Artshare, an arts and crafts fair featuring handmade items by artists and crafters around the state; the Rain Country Quilters Quilt Show; and other events and activities.
Films are shown at Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor on the fourth Thursday and unless stated otherwise start sometime after 7.30pm FORTHCOMING EVENTS Three Pigeons Inn, Graigfechan 01824703178 Event: Octoberfest Beer Festival Date: Saturday October 6 Time: From 12 noon Cost: Free Details: Real ale festival - up to 10 cask ales, craft beers and local ciders.
"Established brands deliver comfort to many existing and new craft drinkers because they are familiar with the quality and flavor of beers like Samuel Adams Boston Lager or our seasonal OctoberFest."
It was the first night of the 20th Octoberfest yesterday evening.
"The slowdown in cider, for instance, or slowdown in fall beers, like our Octoberfest. There's an undercurrent there that we don't fully have a grasp on, and therefore are hard to predict."
Since 1981, the Olongapo mardi gras is known to be celebrated as part of the Octoberfest, which is derived from the German event Oktoberfest.