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eye′ lens`

the lens of an eyepiece closest to the eye.
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Magnification affects FOV, but so do ocular lens diameter and optimal eye relief.
Refractive lens exchange has a role in young patients with anisometropia, in an eye not suitable anatomically for phakic intra ocular lens implantation and in patients above 40 years of age having water vacuoles in the crystalline lens1.
Typically, when rain gets on the scope's ocular lens (i.e., the lens closest to your eye), the water turns into beads.
The ocular lens is about the same size as you'll get with competing red dots, but the objective lens is a full 25mm in diameter.
The scope's large ocular lens provides a wide field of view and offers maximum light transmission.
Conclusion: Visual outcomes in diabetics after phacoemulsification with intra ocular lens implant is almost as good as that in non-diabetic patient if the diabetics have no retinopathy and have good glycemic control.
Features included a BDC calibrated to 800 or 1,200 meters, large objective lens, a focusable ocular lens, and for the time period, superb light transmission and resolving power.
Prediction of the dioptric strength of intra ocular lens (IOL) can be achieved by using several theoretical formulas based on optical models of eye.
Intra ocular lens implantation in the absence of capsular support: a report by the American academy of ophthalmology.
By combining a 25mm objective lens with a smaller ocular lens (approximately 20mm) Trijicon was able to reduce the tunneling effect you see in a tube red dot sight.
Lens matter was aspirated with Simcoe Cannula through a 3.2 mm corneal slit incision, and a foldable intra ocular lens (IOL) was implanted in the bag through the laceration under local anesthesia.