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 (ō-dĕts′), Clifford 1906-1963.
American playwright known for his powerful works of the Depression era, including Waiting for Lefty (1935) and Golden Boy (1937).


(Biography) Clifford. 1906–63, US dramatist; founder member of the Group Theatre. His plays include Waiting for Lefty (1935) and Golden Boy (1937)



Clifford, 1906–63, U.S. playwright.
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Noun1.Odets - United States playwright (1906-1963)
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After studying with Sanford Meisner in the 1940s and Lee Strasberg in his private classes and in the Actors Studio in the 1950s, Howard enjoyed an acting career that led him to work with such American luminaries as Clifford Odets and Uta Hagen before moving on to direct and teach.
Cohan, Eugene O'Neill, Paddy Chayefsky, Edna Ferber, and Clifford Odets were among the array of major 20th-century dramatists born of European immigrants, as were Arthur Miller and David Mamet.
Freeman most recently trod the boards in the triumphant revival of Clifford Odets' 'The Country Girl,' directed by Mike Nichols.
The latest work to get this treatment (courtesy the New Yiddish Rep) is the Clifford Odets classic Awake and Sing!, one of the best-known plays about the American-Jewish experience.
In it, he found the following, written by Bauland and Ingram: A character in a Hollywood film of the 1950s casually drops this line:"Any idiot can face a crisis; it's this day-to-day living that wears you out." The screenplay was by Clifford Odets, America's chief inheritor of the dramatic tradition of Anton Chekhov, and in that one line, he epitomised the lesson of his master.
WHEN: WHERE WHAT WHO 11th Japan; Kyushu, Sea; Aegean Odets; Clifford
Spivey describes his approach to the play as a "stylized mix of agitprop movement and multimedia woven between the written monologues about Tamir." For Spivey, the appeal of working on the play stemmed from "the angle from which the dialogue is coming—from the community." He notes that "in addition to creating fictional characters, it is our job [as theater artists] to reflect the just and unjust in the real world as they did back in the days of Clifford Odets and LeRoi Jones.
Lahr, an author and drama critic, collects profiles and reviews he wrote for The New Yorker of playwrights, productions, and directors, including Arthur Miller, August Wilson, Tony Kushner, David Mamet, Sarah Ruhl, Clifford Odets, David Rabe, Harold Pinter, Wallace Shawn, Neil LaBute, Sam Shepard, William Shakespeare, Nicholas Hytner, Ingmar Bergman, Susan Stroman, John Barton, and Arcadia, The Pajama Game, The Retreat from Moscow, Private Lives, Company, Sweeney Todd, Me, Myself & I, Oklahoma!, The Light in the Piazza, Orpheus Descending, The Rose Tattoo, and Carousel.
The story could have been a modern adaptation of Ibsen or Odets because it bears all the hallmarks of classic agitative theatre.
At 17 he was cast in a local pro A -duction of Cliord Odets' Awake A And Sing as the son in a Jewish family.
At age 17 he was cast in a local production of Clifford Odets' "Awake and Sing'' as the son in a Jewish family.
Rainer was at one time married to the playwright Clifford Odets.