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n.1.Worship of Odin; broadly, the Teutonic heathenism.
Odinism was valor; Christianism was humility, a nobler kind of valor.
- Carlyle.
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For example, some white supremacists were attracted to religious alternatives such as Odinism, a pre-Christian religion sometimes referred to as Wotanism.
Haley, the plaintiff, a practitioner of Odinism, was prohibited from using a small quartz crystal, which he claimed was "fundamental to his practice of Odinism.
93) Likewise, some white supremacists use racism to interpret apocalyptic imagery from Norse mythology embodied in Odinism.
Odinism is a pre-Christian faith ground in ancient Icelandic sagas and runic mysticism.
The violence found in Odinism (or the Wotansvolk) was reflected in movements like the Aryan Nations, Church of the Creator, and Racial Holy War.
But the court found that the prisoner could not maintain a claim based on the allegation that he was not allowed to have a copy of a catalogue in which items related to Wiccanism, Satanism and Odinism were sold, where the prisoner did not allege or suggest that he either used or needed a copy of the catalogue in order to practice his Odinist religion.
A close friend of Donaldson's, Kev Turner of the band Skullhead, dabbled in Odinism.
In addition, there is Asatra, Astara, Wicca and Odinism and many more--each accepted by the systems, thus making it more difficult for the administration of the nation's prisons to recognize, approve and tolerate religious differences.
Simmer has said repeatedly that he was never a member of a Neo-Nazi organization, but followed Odinism, a Nordic God who preached white superiority.
The suit is brown, the shirt is blue, the tie is polka-dot, the voice is mellow and the guest tonight is "Baxter the Pagan"' a skinhead leader and mainstay of the WAR organization who takes the Pagan" from the ancient Germanic tribal religion of Odinism, of which he, like many neo-Nazis, is a follower.
91) The Bureau has noted that "warfare" is reflected in beliefs drawn from Christian Identity, the Creativity Movement, neo-Nazism, and Odinism.