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n.1.Worship of Odin; broadly, the Teutonic heathenism.
Odinism was valor; Christianism was humility, a nobler kind of valor.
- Carlyle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Woden's Folk's website claims it is linked to Odinism - a Norse religion followed by Anders Brevik, who murdered 77 Norwegian people in one day in 2011.
The group's website claims it is linked to Odinism -- a Norse religion followed by Anders Brevik, who murdered 77 Norwegian people in one day in 2011.
Often, this white supremacist worldview is coupled with a religious theology of the pre-Christian religion more commonly known as Odinism which "incorporates worship of Thor, Odin and other Norse-Germanic gods into a puritanical ideology promoting the survival of the Germanic culture and the Aryan race" serving to legitimize contemporary terrorist acts.
For example, some white supremacists were attracted to religious alternatives such as Odinism, a pre-Christian religion sometimes referred to as Wotanism.
The inmate practiced Asatru (also known as Odinism).
Haley, the plaintiff, a practitioner of Odinism, was prohibited from using a small quartz crystal, which he claimed was "fundamental to his practice of Odinism." (175) While the court decided the case on other grounds, it adopted a restrictive definition of religious exercise, noting that the institutional officials would have been justified in their actions, under RLUIPA, if the crystal were not "essential" to the practice of the plaintiff's religion, since, in that case, "denying him possession of [a crystal] would not substantially burden his exercise of Odinism...." (176)
(93) Likewise, some white supremacists use racism to interpret apocalyptic imagery from Norse mythology embodied in Odinism. (94) Most Odinists are not racists, however.
Ademas de catolicos, protestantes, o mormones, han protagonizado controversias otros cultos marginales como neopaganos (Wicca, Asatru u Odinism), Rastafari (grupo afro-mesianico conocido por sus cabelleras con rastas), House of Yahveh (movimiento religioso surgido en Texas en parte similar al judaismo), supremacistas blancos (como el Wotanism), Shetaut Neterian (antigua religion egipcia), Nation of Islam, Nations of Gods and Earth (grupo surgido en Harlem tras la salida de su fundador del grupo anterior), o cultos satanicos u ocultistas como el Lefthand Path.
Smith sought approval from the Religious Review Committee to observe certain practices of Odinism. Id.
But the most original discussion is that of the pagan revival, which includes Wicea and the rediscovery of the Norse gods (Asatru and Odinism).
But the court found that the prisoner could not maintain a claim based on the allegation that he was not allowed to have a copy of a catalogue in which items related to Wiccanism, Satanism and Odinism were sold, where the prisoner did not allege or suggest that he either used or needed a copy of the catalogue in order to practice his Odinist religion.
A close friend of Donaldson's, Kev Turner of the band Skullhead, dabbled in Odinism. As much as Donaldson and others like him considered themselves "English patriots," the vision of white identity they championed was constructed in relationship to a mythic-historic past that was less English than German.