Odium theologicum

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the enmity peculiar to contending theologians.

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Probablemente haya sido en el siglo XX cuando con mas fuerza se han expresado en la comunidad cientifica y en la sociedad en general las consecuencias del odium theologicum medieval.
Certainly there is an excess of odium theologicum in these papers, as when he tells Ratzinger that a local bishop is known as 'the Protestant Bishop' or when he refuses to sign an emollient group letter to Cardinal Clancy because he is a 'Newchurch sympathiser and crypto-Modernist'.
Hence the odium theologicum of the scientific attacks on religious belief even where it doesn't seek to trespass on scientific territory.
Intolerance so pervades history that a glance at any given period reveals a host of examples; the odium theologicum and the various religious persecutions and wars which it engendered are the most obvious manifestation with which the word is inexorably linked.
Wee Craig Brown is no numpty, but all that odium theologicum and contemplative mysticism would do his wee napper in.
The odium theologicum against gnosis, first attested in the Pastoral Epistles, is still alive and well.
We need more studies like this one - not only for the sake of the theologians, but as a counterweight to all the renewed hostility between Christians of different confessions in Eastern Europe, a hostility immeasurably more tragic than mere odium theologicum. And if it also reminds non-Orthodox that Orthodoxy can cope with a far less hierarchical and patriarchal model of church life than we might have thought, so much the better.