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Noun1.Oedipus Rex - (Greek mythology) a tragic king of Thebes who unknowingly killed his father Laius and married his mother JocastaOedipus Rex - (Greek mythology) a tragic king of Thebes who unknowingly killed his father Laius and married his mother Jocasta; the subject of the drama `Oedipus Rex' by Sophocles
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Its most recent show is Oedipus the King. According to a spokesperson from the group, Aftaah begins work next month on a new staging of Brecht's version of Antigone with European director Matthias Langhof.
Sophocles' plays receive special attention because unlike "appropriations" from other European and North American writers that tend to favor Euripides, the Irish have produced an unusual number of scripts based upon Oedipus The King, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone, Philoctetes, and Sophocles' interpretation of Medea.
Sophocles' Oedipus the King is trimmed to: "PARTY IN THEBES!!!
And as in Oedipus the King, this net of fate is inextricably related to the more commonplace "lot" of the play's characters.
Those who have experienced Saville's decidedly mixed bag of films over a long career--"Stop the World--I Want to Get Off," "Oedipus the King," "Secrets" and "Metroland," among others--won't be blamed for not suspecting he had it in him.
In sum, the two favored plots of Aristotle, Oedipus the King and Iphigenia in Tauris, contain 1) painful or fatal acts, those carried out in the past and acts carried out or threatened contemporaneously with the dramatic time; 2) a change in the fortune of a main character; 3) the right kind of recognition, i.e.
Aeschylus' political tragedy, Seven Against Thebes, directed by the renowned Lithuanian director Cezaris GrauE"inis and translated by the Greek poet Yorgos Blanas will be performed at Curium on July 12 and 13, while local group Theatro Dentro will be taking part in the festival for the first time, with a rendition of Sophocles' Oedipus the King -- directed by Andy Papadimitriou -- on July 16 (Skali), July 21 (Paphos Ancient Odeon) and July 23 (Curium).
Among his topics are the mythical layer of poetic deep structure, characterization and credibility, rhetoric structure, spectator's complementation, absurdist structure, anti-Aristotelian poetics, the generation of Life is a Dream from Oedipus the King, and The Chairs in performance.
Oedipus the King (Greek Oidipous Tyrannos, Latin Oedipus Rex) Play by Sophocles, performed sometime between 430 and 426 BC, that marks the summit of classical Greek drama's formal achievement, known for its tight construction, mounting tension, and perfect use of the dramatic devices of recognition and discovery.
A discussion of Oedipus the King and Hippolytus leads to the conclusion that these categories break down, and therefore that the chorus plays an intermediary role.
Three-time Obie-winner Adrienne Kennedy has adapted Sophocles' tragedy Oedipus the King for the Hartford footlights.