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Noun1.Oedogoniaceae - filamentous green algae
protoctist family - any of the families of Protoctista
Oedogoniales, order oedogoniales - simple or branched filamentous freshwater green algae
genus Oedogonium, Oedogonium - type genus of Oedogoniaceae; freshwater green algae having long unbranched filaments; usually free-floating when mature
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-- 1.1 Order: Palmellaceae Sphaerocystis schroeteri Chodat 21.9 45.6 Order: Oedogoniales Family: Oedogoniaceae Oedogonium sp.
The fish consumed 27 food items, grouped into seven food categories: vegetal matter (leaves, roots, stalk and seeds), algae (Bacillariophyceae, Chlorophyceae, Cyanophyceae, Euglenophyceae, Oedogoniaceae, Zygnemaphyceae), detritus (organic and inorganic matter), fish (remains, scales, eggs and fingerlings), microcrustaceans (Cladocera, Copepoda, Rotifera, Ostracoda), macroinvertebrates (Hirudinea and Oligochaeta) and aquatic insects (Diptera and Coleoptera).
Aphanocapsa sp.1 CRYPTOPHYTA Aphanocapsa sp.2 CRIPTOMONADACEAE Aphanocapsa sp.3 Cryptomona sp.1 Cryptomona sp.2 CHLOROPHYTA CHRYSOPHYTA OEDOGONiACEAE HETEROCLONiACEAE Oedogonium sp.1 Heterococcus sp.1 Oedogonium sp.2 CRIPTOMONADACEAE ULOTRiCHACEAE Cryptomona sp.1 Ulothrix sp.