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Noun1.Oedogonium - type genus of Oedogoniaceae; freshwater green algae having long unbranched filaments; usually free-floating when mature
protoctist genus - any genus of Protoctista
family Oedogoniaceae, Oedogoniaceae - filamentous green algae
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Fish food was called verdin, an algae (Oedogonium) gathered during the calm or nontyphoon months of March, April and May.
Nayak, Biosorption of Nickel onto Treated Alga (Oedogonium hatei): Application of Isotherm and Kinetic Models, J.
In relation to dominant taxa, during the dry period the dominant taxa in the periphytic community structure were: Fragilaria capucina Desmaziere, Gloeotrichia sp., Oedogonium sp.
Present study was conducted to explore the lipid yield percentage of three microalgal strains Chlorella sp., Oedogonium sp.
The oil content of the three algal species is in order Chlorella sp greater than Oedogonium sp.
Among those of biological origin with ability to adsorb dissolved metal ions [5] there are the cactus [6] bagasse [7] cyanobacterium [8] green algae [9] Oedogonium sp.
Adsorbents Removal capacity (mg/g) Reference Pretreated fish bones 323.21 This study Seaweed (Gymnogongrus Torulosus) 140.89 [17] Algal biomass (Oedogonium sp.
The mixotrophic microalgae used in this study were Chlorella, Scenedesmus sp., Cosmarium sp., and facultative heterotrophs (centric and pinnate diatoms) along with few photoautotrophs (Cyclotella and Oedogonium) and obligate photoautotrophs (P.
For example, pond-reared adult Malaysian prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) were noted to carry several epibiotic organisms: green algae Oedogonium crassiusculum and Cyanobacteria, where infested specimens composed 58% of the male population (Smith et al., 1979).