Of color

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not of the white race; - commonly meaning, esp. in the United States, of negro blood, pure or mixed.

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When I found it, I said to myself that it would do nicely for my servant girl, for when she was brought to life she would not be proud nor haughty, as the Glass Cat is, for such a dreadful mixture of colors would discourage her from trying to be as dignified as the blue Munchkins are.
Color masterbatches can include a variety of other materials and additives to create special effects that offer new dimensions of color creativity.
Browns are suitable for an infinite number of color combinations throughout the house.
When asked to name aloud the incompatible ink colors in which a list of color words is printed (for example, to say "blue" in response to the word "yellow" printed in blue ink, "red" in response to the word "green" printed in red ink, and so on), people experience a mental sensation comparable to running in a swimming pool - you just can't do it quickly.
Custom compounder of color concentrates for PE, PS, PC, PP, and ABS injection molding and extrusion.
Together, HP and X-Rite have truly set the stage for seamless, transparent color management, which has long been referred to as the holy grail of color management.
For half a century, professionals have relied on PANTONE Color Systems and forecasting tools for the selection, accurate specification and effective communication of color.
X-Rite (NASDAQ:XRIT) is a leading provider of color-measurement solutions, offering hardware, software and services for the verification and communication of color data.
Kronos titanium dioxide pigments include Kronos 2073 with high brightness and tint strength plus blue color tone; Kronos 2101 and 2160 promote good weathering, minimize chalking and gloss loss, and miximize retention of color and physicals; Kronos 2020 for plastisols; Kronos 1070, 1072 and 1080 anatase grades for fiber delustering; and Kronos 2230 specifically designed for PC resins.
Quark and its new color partner, GretagMacbeth, have re-engineered the QuarkXPress color engine around GretagMacbeth's color technology so that QuarkXPress 7 preserves the integrity of color control from screen to output -- putting more precise color control in the hands of designers.
Immersion time is determined by the end use, the intensity of color desired, and the depth of infusion into part surfaces required.