Of color

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not of the white race; - commonly meaning, esp. in the United States, of negro blood, pure or mixed.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When I found it, I said to myself that it would do nicely for my servant girl, for when she was brought to life she would not be proud nor haughty, as the Glass Cat is, for such a dreadful mixture of colors would discourage her from trying to be as dignified as the blue Munchkins are."
Also key was the inclusion of two major women of color health organizations on the march steering committee: the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and the Black Women's Health Imperative.
Seen close-up, the area of color exceeds the viewer's field of vision and makes an overview impossible.
Like the white populist movements of olden days, the new white populists of today claim allegiance with people of color and supposedly represent a solidarity of common white folk and communities of color against the establishment.
Hair color includes various chemical compounds which are mixed together to produce various types of color that can be applied on the hair.
Four chapters cover the science of color, color in nature, the art of color, and color in culture.
Interior designer Rahma Al-Karbi takes us through the concept of color philosophy and how it can change the idea of design.
The Lab* color space is based on the three attributes of color: hue, saturation and lightness.
The theme of my painting lessons is supporting the joys of color inventing--the magic of colors and water mixing into a lively substance.
If you teach one of the theatre design disciplines, you have probably had students with various types and varying degrees of color deficiency.
Marketers have tapped into the power of color to sell their products and services.
All colors were selected from California Paints' Perfect Palette[R] collection and were used to create unique "color stories," Global Color Research, a London-based color consultancy studio, is a provider of color trend information that is available to all design markets.