Of force

of necessity; unavoidably; imperatively.
- Chaucer.

See also: Force

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Ben Freakley, showed me how he applies the principles of economy of force and maneuver to use Air Force air strikes and US ground force blocking troops, to essentially herd the foe into killing zones.
Affected airmen, supervisors, and commanders need to be aware of all aspects of force shaping and prepared to participate in the process.
This paper focuses upon the uncertainty of force calibration measurements at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
2) In Brosseau, the Court further examined how to evaluate law enforcement uses of force to determine whether such actions were excessive.
The court held that genuine issues of material fact existed as to the type of force used by a deputy against the detainee, and whether the detainee sustained injuries, precluding summary judgment.
My colleagues on the left who counseled against any use of force should have realized that they stood totally isolated.
No other vehicle has matched those of Force Protection for troop safety in the field.
He talked about the importance of force integration, new weapons platforms and Air Force people.
Only in the case of a flat punch, where A is constant with h, is H a function of force only.
The first part provided an overview of constitutional constraints on the use of force by law enforcement and addressed the inherent hesitation of police officers to use significant levels of force.
On March 31, 2004, the Defense Department's Office of Force Transformation commissioned a number of "case studies" to determine the military's ability to conduct network-centric operations.
With more and more frequency, law enforcement agencies across the country are asked to scrutinize their officers' use of force.