Of one's self

by one's self; without help or prompting; spontaneously.

See also: Of

References in classic literature ?
I know, indeed, that one's environment may be so affected by one's personality as to yield, long afterward, an image of one's self to the eyes of another.
There was only one thing that had an absolute value for each individual, and it was just that original impulse, that internal heat, that feeling of one's self in one's own breast.
Still "Lovey" is something of a nomenclatural tin can on the tail of one's self respect.
Amy was gratified, but of course didn't show it, and demurely answered, "Foreign life polishes one in spite of one's self.
Douglas said churches "need to be careful that a covenant is about a voluntary offering of one's self in one's church into a relationship and not a set of laws under which we are forced to live.
Walking the line between the responsibilities of nationhood and a sense of one's self as an actualized, affirmed individual can often be a traumatic experience.