Of one's self

by one's self; without help or prompting; spontaneously.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I know, indeed, that one's environment may be so affected by one's personality as to yield, long afterward, an image of one's self to the eyes of another.
Still "Lovey" is something of a nomenclatural tin can on the tail of one's self respect.
The article, published in the Filipino satire website The Adobo Chronicles, described the levels of selfitis as follows: borderline is taking photos of one's self at least three times a day but not posting them on social media, acute means taking photos of one's self at least three times a day and posting each of the photos on social media, and chronic is the uncontrollable urge to take photos of one's self round the clock and posting the photos on social media more than six times a day.
When people preach about the generosity and grace in giving of one's self, they are likely not referring to the literal donation of one's self.
The relationships between perception of one's self in a given domain and importance of the domain to one's self was explored (Table 2) to investigate the role of reality negation in assessing linkages to positive and negative statements about oneself.
Douglas said churches "need to be careful that a covenant is about a voluntary offering of one's self in one's church into a relationship and not a set of laws under which we are forced to live.
To us, revolutionary polyamory means purging the seeds of oppression that try to corner us into ownership, control of our bodies and illusions of security through something outside of one's self.
The management of self, time and workload essentially is the management of one's self. With self-mastery, other things fall into line.
Walking the line between the responsibilities of nationhood and a sense of one's self as an actualized, affirmed individual can often be a traumatic experience.
Silver: They are our role models for healthy living, both in terms of taking care of one's self physically and in terms of one's attitudes and approach to life.
For example, a new identity may be imposed on a person's customary identity, as in cases of multiple personality, or the sense of one's self may be temporarily replaced by an emotionally detached feeling of unreality.
Again the personal element comes in strongly: "Compare a word portrait of one's self written by another class member with own self impression," "participate in a class discussion which describes how interpretation of life experience contributes to the formation of self esteem."