Of passage

passing from one place, region, or climate, to another; migratory; - said especially of birds.

See also: Passage

References in classic literature ?
TWO men appeared simultaneously at the two ends of a sort of passage running along the side of the Apollo Theatre in the Adelphi.
The price of passage is fixed at $1,250, currency, for each adult passenger.
by Times News Service A group photo of Passage to India.
We are excited to welcome Yvonne, Robert and Caroline to the Passage Home board," said Alfred Leach, Board Chairman of Passage Home.
He passed for a period of 5 years and is to the underwriting of insurance contracts from the city~s command group-d~Agen Passage Passage and CCAS-d~Agen Car risks of Passage City -d~Agen, automobile risks CCAS-Passage Agen, risks of damage to property of the City-Passage Agen, risk of property damage CCAS-Passage Agen, risk responsibilities City-Passage Agen, CCAS responsibilities risk-Passage Agen, legal protection of the Passage-d~Agen the City and functional protection of staff and elected officials of the City-Passage Agen, protection Legal CCAS Passage-d~Agen and functional protection officers and directors of Passage CCAS-d~Agen, statutory risk of the City-Passage d~Agen and statutory risks CCAS-d~Agen Passage.
Further, it can assert every attribute of sovereignty in these waters, including the denial of passage to foreign flagged vessels.
Many academic passings onward are also passings from and usually involve more complex choices than those standard academic rituals of passage such as graduation, publication, tenure, or promotion.
Living Passages for the Whole Family: Celebrating Rites of Passage from Birth to Adulthood" is a year by year examination of peoples' traditional rites of passage such as birthdays, bar'mitzvahs and secular versions of festivals such as that.
The notion of passage seems the most promising for studying this rituality in progress.
I'm living proof of the limitations of researching this important religious rite of passage by asking adults to remember their First Communions.
With objections to the pact expected from most Democrats and from as many as 30 to 40 House Republicans, the Times reported on May 10: "The administration admits that even in this off-election year, when trade deals have the best chance of passage, it does not have the votes" to get CAFTA approved.
THE RITE OF PASSAGE is a rhapsody on life, eternal life, life on earth, but includes parts of the author's own life as well.