Of sale

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to be bought or sold; offered to purchasers; in the market.

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A third one, on the other side, still unoccupied, was surrounded by a group, waiting the moment of sale to begin.
Tom forged a bill of sale and sold him mother to an Arkansas cotton planter for a trifle over six hundred dollars.
For the present, make me out a contract of sale, payment to be made in four days.
Tulliver, still confident that he should gain his suit, and finding it eminently inconvenient to raise the said sum until that desirable issue had taken place, had rashly acceded to the demand that he should give a bill of sale on his household furniture and some other effects, as security in lieu of the bond.
He said nothing to her that night about the bill of sale and the application to Mrs.
After having sought for a few minutes, he stopped at a leaf which had several notes, and compared them with the deed of sale, which lay on the table.
On the morrow he would make out the bill of sale and I could enter into possession.
This was not a deed of sale at all, so far as he could see--it provided only for the renting of the property
One of the most useful tools in determining the type of sale is the "true object" test.
When the contract of sale or license provides the purchaser an option as to how it will take delivery of the software, or is silent on the matter, the DOT will construe the contract as giving the taxpayer the right to receive the software via a tangible medium (whether or not it in fact does so) and, thus, presume the transaction is taxable.
44) On the other hand, the reinvestment of sale proceeds in the business has been held to support treatment of the gain on the sale as business income.
The referee then determined that because his authority to complete the foreclosure sale was in question, he refused to accept the bidder's deposit and declined to execute a memorandum of sale.