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The time that women were considered to be at risk for infection began on the date of first intercourse, and factors potentially affecting the risk of HPV infection--the number of instances of vaginal intercourse, the number of new partners, the frequency, of use of condoms by male partners, each partner's circumcision status and each partner's number of previous partners--were summarized for the eight-month period before each HPV test.
They also found that 80% of the students agreed that using a multimedia (i.e., CD-ROM) was a positive experience in regard to ease of use and contribution to the course.
maintain quality despite being out of use for a long time
These states were selected based on their level of use and generated supply of RCA and to obtain a cross-section of the country.
Finally, for an immortal cell culture model to have full utility and ease of use, it needs to be receptive to stable transfection by expression vectors.
[1] Tom Sanville of the OhioLINK consortium has noted in public presentations a correlation between ease of access and use and the amount of use.
For a PA, this includes an allocation of use based on mileage (e.g., between QBU and personal use).
Other measures of use can be constructed from dollar amounts or the number of accounts.
Again this calculation can be put on computer for ease of use. The key to this calculation is remembering that when your are working with blends of blowing agents, the calculation requires the ratio of the two materials.
GRAS substances are those, whose use is generally recognized by experts as safe, based on their extensive history of use in food before 1958 or based on published scientific evidence.
1.274-5T (c) (1), a contemporaneous log is not required, but a record made at or near the time of use is more probative than is a statement prepared afterward.
Furthermore, because there are some legitimate uses for compelled statements, employers should be careful not to exaggerate the extent of use immunity when advising employees of their rights.