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(oʊˈfil yə)

a young woman in Shakespeare's Hamlet who is driven mad by the death of her father, Polonius.


[ɒˈfiːlɪə] NOfelia
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Leuterio is survived by his wife, Carmen Reyes Ilustre; his siblings Ofelia I.
Fu, Hadjioannou, and Zhou explain how all teachers can apply Ofelia Garcia's concept of translanguaging to teach inclusively in the linguistically diverse classroom.
En cualquiera de las facetas actorales en las que ha incursionado a lo largo de una fructifera vida escenica, la presencia teatral de Martha Ofelia Galindo es sinonimo de pasion y entrega.
Elorde was with Maria Ofelia Ebue, who died on the spot, and two other passengers who were brought to the provincial hospital in Iba, Zambales.
El emblematico cuadro Ofelia, pintado por el ingles prerrafaelista John Everett Millais, es fuente de inspiracion y disfrute desde su creacion en 1852.
Named as Pua's co-accused in the complaint were couple Jarl Permentier - a Belgian national - and Ofelia Alipio-Permentier.
Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday heard that as Ofelia Scott sped past her in her car, the wind force knocked her lollip0oppole out of her hand.
Support comes from two Staylittle Music favourites in the form of funk, soul and blues act The Moon Birds of Merthyr and Caerphilly-based indie-folk five-piece Ofelia.
direct questions for clarification to ofelia andrade, management analyst, email: oandrade@coronado.Ca.Us.
Elsewhere in season finale, Daniel (RubAaAaAeA@n Blades) tries to find o the truth about what happened at Broke Jaw Ranch and how his daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) ended up being bitten by an infected.
'The Book of Crossroads' is the title of the magical book that protagonist Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) is given at the beginning of her heroic quest in Pan's Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro, 2006).
Chapter 3 centres on a stage direction from the first quarto of Hamlet (1603): 'Enter Ofelia playing on a Lute, and her hair down, singing' (73).