Off hand

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forthwith; without delay, hesitation, or difficulty; promptly.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Antonia and her father went off hand in hand, and I buttoned up my jacket and raced my shadow home.
He also says that Priam was not killed at the heart of Zeus Herceius, but was dragged away from the altar and destroyed off hand by Neoptolemus at the doors of the house...
Or maybe you're trying to improve your off hand. In that case, you just have to let loose and try all kinds of things in an attempt to find the perfect synchronization of your elbow and wrist.
"I hate that Lebron clears out with his off hand and NEVER gets called for offensive foul!
Other winners included: David Blevins (SHI rifle prone champion, 191 points); Wylie (SH2 rifle prone champion); Michael Rios (Open, rifle prone champion, 190 points); and Jacob Camo (Open, rifle off hand champion, 153 points).
Off hand, head coach Fabio Menta said the team 'needs more space for development and has been away from Thailand.'
The image of the chopped off hand on the banner seen on the chaise depicts the cut-off hand of the commander of Imam Hossein (AS) army and his brother, Abolfazl Al-Abbas (AS), who lost both his hands on the day of the battle of Karbala against the forces of the tyrant caliph, Yazid.
ISLAMABAD -- Senior lawyer Hamid Khan has said proposal floated by PMLN with regard to holding senate polls through show off hand is illegal and unconstitutional.
Police are attempting to get DNA information off hand marks made on the door as the raider peered in.
The off hand wraps around the shooting hand, with the thumb of the off hand clamping down over the thumb of the shooting hand to lock the grip in place.
General Manager CPPA/ NTDC Tahir Mahmood said that the program will play a vital role to enrich the academic career and provide them off hand opportunities, where knowledge from theoretical work is applied in real terms.