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 (ôf′ôf-brôd′wā′, ŏf′ŏf-)
The theatrical productions in New York City that are performed in the smallest or least established venues, often featuring avant-garde or experimental works.

off′-off-Broad′way adv. & adj.


of or relating to highly experimental informal small-scale theatrical productions in New York, usually taking place in cafés, small halls, etc. Compare off-Broadway
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The pair took over the 85-seat theatre five years ago and had turned it into a busy space for new and experimental plays and comedy, with an off off-Broadway feel.
Returning to New York, he worked in Off Off-Broadway theater and studied directing with Harold Clurman and acting with Sandy Meisner and Lee Strasberg.
The small, oddly shaped playing areas of some Off- and Off Off-Broadway theaters call for particularly inventive staging.