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(or Off′) Broad′way,

professional drama produced in New York City in small theaters usu. outside the Broadway area.
[1950–55, Amer.]
off′-Broad′way, adj., adv.
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Later this year members of Dick & Lottie, who often tour the UK during the summer holidays, will be taking a production of Private Fears in Public Places to an off-Broadway theatre in New York for a five-week run.
Luke's Theatre is a 174-seat Off-Broadway theatre at 308 West 46th Street, the Restaurant Row, just west of Eighth Avenue in Manhattan's Theater District.
The intimate nature of the Lantern, with its off-Broadway theatre feel, works to the three actors' advantage - you are never far away from the action, and the young audience remains engaged to the final moments.
South Ayrshire Council defended the fact-finding trip to an off-Broadway theatre group by head of community development Roddy MacDonald.
He's currently in negotiations to perform in an off-Broadway theatre production and it wouldn't make sense for him to commute into town every day for work," the source added.
As its director/producer since the first act of Circle in the Square Theatre, which helped birth off-Broadway theatre in the 1950s, Mann traces his role in the Greenwich Village theatre that launched the careers of such actors as Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Jason Robards, and Vanessa Redgrave.
It went into a large off-Broadway theatre, but unfortunately I could not take the Liverpool cast because of American Equity rules.
Formerly known as the "Way Off-Broadway Theatre Workshop," this innovative theatre company admits youth aged seven to seventeen.
Via the New York High School For Performing Arts, Jen moved into off-Broadway theatre but struggled until she hit paydirt in 1994 with Friends.
Houghton founded the Off-Broadway theatre in 1991 in a tiny storefront in downtown Manhattan, and has supervised its growth into a major institution.