n.1.An offender.
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Therefore Augustine said, Quasi non hoc ipsum in illis maxime puniendum est, quia artem nequitiae delegerunt unde viverent, et inde se volunt pascere, unde offendant eum a quo omnes pascuntur: "As if they were not therefore most worthy to be punished, because they have chosen a trade of wickedness to live by, and will maintain themselves by that thing with which they displease him by whom all are maintained.
45) Ne exasperati iracundi fiant, qui exemplo vestro patientiam discere debuissent (SEDULIO, Colossenses: 229C); Id est, ut non exasperati a vobis fiant iracundi, id est leves ad irascendum, sed vestro exemplo discant esse patientes (HAIMO, Colossenses: 762D); Ne coarctati ab eis delinquant in illos et Deum offendant (.
71) Modestos praecipit patres debere esse filiis, ne coarctati ab eis, delinquant in illos, et Deum offendant, quod nolunt.