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Japanese polystyrene makers have been struggling with flagging demand, stemming from decisions by many makers of household electric appliances and office automation equipment to relocate production facilities overseas.
"The SFX-P55 will allow small and home office professionals to clear their desks of several machines sold separately in favor of one, high-way multi-function unit," said Alan Froloff, national marketing manager for Sanyo office automation. The machine's footprint measures 13 inches by 8 inches.
Continued investment in our office automation systems is in line with our long-range automation-telecommunication plan.
15 June 2016 - US-based managed printing solutions and document management software company Pacific Office Automation has acquired sales, service, and cartridge remanufacturing firm Northwest Office Technologies, the company said.
B16-L and B17-L latching open frame solenoids from Saia-Burgess feature an integral return spring, and they are specifically designed for latching applications such as security systems, office automation and medical devices.
The activities included in the scope of work are mail, correspondence and reports, office automation, travel, office supplies and equipment.
The Department of Justice JCON Program is a comprehensive IT infrastructure and support initiative which provides a reliable and robust common office automation platform upon which fourteen of DOJ's litigating, management, and law enforcement components operate their mission-critical applications.
According to the company the name change was carried out because it will from now on focus on its most productive business unit AllCopiers, which specialises in the marketing and distribution of new and refurbished office automation equipment, such as digital copiers, laser printers, fax machines, accessories and supplies.
office automation equipment maker, in order to strengthen its North American operations.
The Many Faces of Records Management Beyond the Tools of Office Automation: Records Management as a Discipline Sanders, Robert L., PhD, CRM October 1998/Vol.
In an organization that must gather, store, and manipulate large quantities of data, an aggressive office automation program has substantially improved the productivity of staff members and has been, in part, responsible for our ability to limit the size of our staff.

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