Office copy

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(Law) an authenticated or certified copy of a record, from the proper office. See Certified copies, under Copy.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Forget about office copy of the citizenship certificate or office copy of any private company of any individual, the government has not been able to keep safely the records of confidential and important documents related to the nation's affairs as well.
In addition to this, there must be an effort to surround innovators with mechanisms that work so that they can perform high-level tasks without spending their time figuring out how to fix the office copy machine.
3 You're too late to get your bet on at the counter - and your selection loses anyway 4 You manage to get the office copy of Mirror Racing before someone steals it.
The city ordinance entitles the qualified requesting party to one free copy of a civil document from the Civil Registry Office of Makati (for local use only; not PSA/National Statistics Office copy).
The papers which went missing are the office copy of the letter and enclosure sent by the then home secretary to the attorney general on September 18, 2009, office copy of the letter sent by the then home secretary to the A- G on September 23, 2009, draft further affidavit as vetted by the A- G, draft further affidavit amended by the then home minister on September 24, 2009 and office copy of the further affidavit filed with the Gujarat High Court on September 29, 2009.
According to Jack Papaiacovou, director of product development, "The early years of Hilord were focused on electrostatic liquid toners for office copy machines.
The day is not too far away when millions of car parts could be printed as quickly as newspapers and as easily as pushing a button on the office copy machine, saving months of development time and millions of dollars.
If it is registered title then finding the identity of its owner is simple - obtain an office copy of that title, which will specify the name of the proprietor.
The IRS National Office and/or Ogden, Utah, office copy of the Form 3115 should also be filed no later than the time the original Form 3115 is filed.
David Morrissey and Peter Capaldi, pictured, are both fantastic as the chain-smoking, hard boozing "mean spirited bunch of b***, with hearts like bone and minds trained to think the worst of everyone," while Jayd Johnson is a real discovery as Paddy Meehan the young office copy girl who finds herself right in the middle of the deadly mystery.
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