Office seeker

a person who is attempting to get elected to an elected office, or to get an appointment to an appointive public office.

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References in classic literature ?
AN Office Seeker whom the President had ordered out of Washington was watering the homeward highway with his tears.
"My friend," said the Office Seeker, "you see before you the wreck of an ambitious man - ruined by the pursuit of place and power.
Ascended and descended the office seekers of Paris, who ran after any sort of favor--gentlemen from the provinces anxious to be enrolled, and servants in all sorts of liveries, bringing and carrying messages between their masters and M.
With Garfield's assassination by a disappointed office seeker in the summer of 1881, Arthur became the unexpected president.
The modern-day office seeker wants a building that has advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, said Ms Muhunyo.She also observed that the old buildings that dot the skyline of the towns CBD were built with the old mentality of closed offices, which is now outmoded.
The first-time office seeker says while he supports downtown development, it would be the kind of attractions that are family friendly, mom and pop variety, that would bring people to the falls much like the what happens on the Canadian side.
Hence the Latin word for an office seeker came to be candidatus, literally meaning "wearing white"; this word itself comes from the adjective candidus, "white, bright." In the 1600s the word candidatus was borrowed into English to denote someone aspiring to an office, job, or honor.
Crisis and dislocation are an office seeker's best friend, as a beleaguered Al Gore no doubt understands better than anyone else seeking the White House.
Patronage was seen as particularly onerous after President Garfield was assassinated by an insane "disappointed office seeker" Presumably, government would work better if run by technical experts than by political hacks.
Major Jack was a common man magnified as oracle, a Yankee full of horse sense and wise saws, and a threadbare office seeker exposing follies in a "mobocracy." Shameless pirating of Smith's invention led to the author's collection of the letters in book form, the last volume being published in 1859 under the title My Thirty Years Out of the Senate.
Guiteau, a disgruntled and perhaps insane office seeker. Garfield survived for 80 days after he was shot, being treated in Washington and Elberon, N.J., where the Garfield family was summering at the seashore.
A large number of collections of Nasby letters appeared between 1864 and 1893, among them The Nasby Papers (1864), Swingin' Round the Cirkle (1867), Inflation at the Cross Roads (1875), The Diary of an Office Seeker (1881), and Nasby in Exile, or, Six Months of Travel (1882).

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