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1. 'officer'

An officer is a person who has a position of authority in the armed forces.

...a retired army officer.

Officer is also used in the name of some people's jobs.

He was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer.
Suddenly the press officer came out and announced the result.
2. 'official'

An official is a person who holds a position of authority in an organization, especially a government department or a trade union.

Government officials have rejected calls for international intervention.
Management and union officials agreed to go to the Labour Relations Commission today.
3. 'office worker'

You do not use 'officer' or 'official' to refer to someone who works in an office. A person like this is called an office worker.

Office workers have been found to make more mistakes when distracted by traffic noise.

office worker

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A Japanese office worker who found and adopted five newborn 'cats' discovered the animals were actually Japanese raccoon dogs.
The survey of over 6,000 office workers from across Europe found that the average UK office worker wastes at least 21 days each year due to slow or inefficient technology the equivalent of 168 hours or four weeks of dead time each year.
Simon (Jesse Eisenberg) is a shy, socially awkward office worker who is overlooked by everyone including his boss, his mother and the woman of his dreams, Hannah (Mia Wasikowska).
The average person sits for almost nine hours a day and almost 70% of an office worker's average sitting time is at work.
Effective April 1, 2012, new RMI customers will license ADVANTAGE for their staff based on their job responsibilities, as a Full ERP Worker, Mobile LT (Lite) Worker, or Office Worker. Additionally, existing RMI customers will have the opportunity reduce their monthly costs by converting their current users to the new user type system.
* From banks to breaks: Online banking and paying bills is a popular work-time activity, with each office worker spending 11 days a year doing it; in addition to six days a year spent online at work researching and booking holidays.
An office worker in the UAE spends an average of 46 days of his working year on non-work related activity, says a research released by The Office Exhibition.
Based on the average wage of an office worker, this cost firms pounds 1.38 billion a year, Morse said.
Ann Eyerman spent most of her working life as an office worker. Frustrated by the lack of power she and colleagues felt in their work environments, she eventually left the workplace and pursued a Master's degree--out of which this book was born.
Ruth Pinkson, an office worker who was also the ex-national organizer for the Office Workers Union, remembered these strikes as the "first big white-collar strikes in New York City," and suggested that the strikes were seen by many white-collar workers as a test case.
"What does a home office worker want?" ask most vendors and retailers in frustration.
In our study, one office worker reported that he receives between 70 and 100 e-mail messages between the time he goes home at 6 p.m.