Executive Mansion

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Exec′utive Man′sion

2. the official residence of the governor of a U.S. state.
[1830–40, Amer.]
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It came out in Miss Peecher the schoolmistress, watering the flowers in the little dusty bit of garden attached to her small official residence, with little windows like the eyes in needles, and little doors like the covers of school-books.
This said, Miss Peecher finished the watering of her flowers, and went into her little official residence, and took a refresher of the principal rivers and mountains of the world, their breadths, depths, and heights, before settling the measurements of the body of a dress for her own personal occupation.
And he followed the governor to his official residence, accompanied by a murmur of general satisfaction.
4 (ANI): Following the announcement of his entry into national politics, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on Sunday received widespread appreciation for his vision to change the 'dynamics of national politics', as scores of people from various parts of Telangana gathered at his official residence here to extend support to the leader.
We are not putting a house for me because I already have a home but we are building the governor's official residence," he said.
If you like flowers, you should not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a vast sea of tulips at Shilin Official Residence.
Islamabad -- Pakistan on Wednesday condemned a missile attack carried out yesterday by Yemen's Houthi rebels targeting the official residence of Saudi King Salman.
Duterte hailed Abe for his 'fresh and convincing mandate from your people' during their summit talks at the Prime Minister's official residence.
Hyderabad: The new grandiose complex that will be the Telangana chief minister's official residence - comprising an office, residence and a conference hall - is receiving finishing touches.
Shivpal, who is the younger brother of Mulayam, reached Delhi to meet the party chief at his official residence.
Islamabad -- Former Additional Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Mohammad Afzal Khan has demanded to take notice of receiving millions of rupees in regard of house rent and using of official residence by member of provincial Election Commission Punjab.
KARACHI -- Unknown gunmen shot down a police commando here in Karachi on Tuesday, who, the police said, was performing duties at the official residence of President of Pakistan.