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n.1.See Officialty.
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But she rose at the command of the men with partisans, and walked with a tolerably firm step, preceded by Charmolue and the priests of the officiality, between two rows of halberds, towards a medium-sized door which suddenly opened and closed again behind her, and which produced upon the grief-stricken Gringoire the effect of a horrible mouth which had just devoured her.
Then Rachel pushed herself forward and told our version of events and insisted on the validity of the locks and the officiality of our actions.
19) In upgrading relations with Southeast Asian countries, it was hoped that bilateral ties between Taiwan and these countries would also witness "creeping officiality.
Speaking as an eco-Latina theologian, she pushes for a diversity of voices, with women included in the officiality of the church, and for a more integrated sense-knowledge, with different ways of experience-knowing and constructing knowledge.
Chapter 3 presents stories from the penitentiary courts that originated in German-speaking officiality courts, underlining the importance of local context and arguing for an interest in marriage reform at the local level that has at times been more associated with the Reformation.
They are decor in the background, peripheral somehow; although they are important in creating the atmosphere of officiality when passing over power.
This proposal is introducing among the basic principles of the criminal case the "criminal investigation opportunity" principle also, in subsidiary as opposite to the principle of officiality.
Although, the proposal lacked the language of officiality, or its tenor, to be taken seriously, the fear of subaltern visibility was indeed serious business as evidenced by the myriad of negative responses.
Local governments' officiality, to use Wildavsky's (1976) term, can in some circumstances galvanise communities in proactive ways to take control of their futures, not so much by cash injections for potential projects but through the inspiration and motivation provided such governments' leadership, entrepreneurial, and other behavioural capacities.
41) In addressing these three factors, the court reframed the Teffeau standard for officiality, stating that the key question is "whether the statements relate to the official duties of either the speaker or the hearer, and whether those official duties fall within the UCMJ's reach.
Such inconsistencies left unexplained scarcely impart a sense of officiality.
ABCDRE abecedary ABTULSM habitualism CNMNE sea anemone CTUACNLSM situationalisn FECLET officiality FEKCT efficacity FXULET effectuality IDLSM idealism LENACN alienation LOQCNRE elocutionary LUCNSM illusionism MEDAC immediacy MN8RE emanatory MRLET immorality NDVDULET individuality NFEKCS inefficacious NILACN annihilation NSNCLET inessentiality NTAVACN antiaviation FTXPRENCLSM antiexperientalisn OBDNC obediency RKDN Arcadian RRR aurora SNCLET essentiality SOCACN association SOCATVT associativity SSNACN assassination XEBCNSM exhibitionism XSRE accessory 309 threonine 4NR foreigner 6SM sexism 8NUACN attenuation