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Ofsted inspectors were impressed by the vast industry experience of teachers at Liverpool Theatre School, as well as the work ethic of students, which was noted as being 'excellent'.
A short (section 8) Ofsted inspection of Woodbrook Vale School was carried out on Tuesday, February 5.
This incredibly scant summary by Ofsted omits the role of parents and other family members, perhaps as important as professional staff in directing children's futures.
Ofsted was forced to step in when a parent contacted the government body and informed them she was breaching the order.
It has now been confirmed that Ofsted opted to extend the inspection by another day.
However Ofsted have confirmed they received information that raised concerns about the 'suitability of staff working' and that after a visit to the preschool they concluded that they had not been informed of a 'significant event.'.
Amanda Spielman, the head of Ofsted and chief inspector of schools, said the move was to tackle situations in which wearing a hijab "could be interpreted as sexualisation" of girls as young as four or five, when most Islamic teaching requires headdress for girls only at the onset of puberty, Guardian reported.
Katie Louise Butler: "Although a few parent comments say different, OFSTED is very rigid and mainstream so maybe a rubbish report."
The call came as councillors clashed over the latest damning report from the outgoing Ofsted head which accused the Labour run council of incompetence which is putting vulnerable children at risk.
The Darul Uloom Islamic High School said the leaflets - described by Ofsted as evidence of safeguarding weakness - were not found on its premises but at the rear door of an adjacent mosque.