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adv.1.Compar. of Oft.
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He comes to see all us poor bodies a deal ofter nor Maister Bligh, or th' Rector ever did; an' it's well he does, for he's always welcome: we can't say as much for th' Rector--there is 'at says they're fair feared on him.
In my plans, it is to meet with journalists more ofter to tell about what's been done.
Kistaram CRPF Camp and establishment of high voltage transformer (paid-3) Eligibility Criteria : Tender form will be issued to the bidders only ofter verification of the correctness of the following documents:-I.
He has since been held in Israeli custody until a lawyer managed to meet him at the Ofter military prison, Anadolu Agency reported.
Medalist TPEs also ofter some advantages over PVC, such as improved gamma stability and lower density (refs.
On the ofter side, the Welsh accent is sympathetic and consoling - particularly important in our market.
The last performance of the Jazz Encounters event will be by the Irenaeos Koulouras Trio, Jess Koren and Ofter Ganor at 9.
There are so called codes tables which are rarely updated but very ofter read.
BMI is a good indicator and ofter used for measuring BMD [16], this is similiar with the research of Iqbal which suggested that BMI is a good indicator for referring patients to do DEXA scanning on Bone Mineral Density (BMD) [17].
So muss die Bevolkerung der kapitalistisch entwickelten Lander immer ofter den Zustand der Angst erleben, der das Sicherheitsgefuhl und das Souveranitatsgefuhl der Wohlfahrtsstaaten ins Wanken bringt.
Prospects will ofter give you all the information that you need to make a sale.
Gas clouds from ofter drift over nearby "I have lived here all my life and Chirk is a nice area.