Ogeechee River

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O·gee·chee River

A river, about 370 km (230 mi) long, of eastern Georgia flowing generally southeast to the Atlantic Ocean.
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The men stationed there successfully guarded the mouth of the Ogeechee River against any naval attacks against Savannah.
One remaining obstacle to be overcome was Fort McAllister, a small confederate outpost located on the Ogeechee River that needed to be seized so that ships could safely navigate the river and link up with MG Sherman's army.
Ossabaw Island is a relatively pristine barrier island currently located just south of the mouth of the Ogeechee River. Two soil cores were collected from a ridge thought to represent a remnant of a Pleistocene barrier island.
Shortly after installation, a 24-inch pipeline began floating near the Ogeechee River around Richmond Hill, GA.
Not exactly, What is now a 6,228-square-foot beauty of a home started out life as a simple, rectangular, brick building, constructed in the early 19th century to serve as a rice mill for a plantation along the Ogeechee River. In 1864, it burned during Sherman's March to the Sea and then lay abandoned for decades until auto tycoon Henry Ford acquired it and many other plantation-era structures in the 1920s.
Situated on the Ogeechee River 15 miles south of Savannah, Richmond Hill is the largest municipality in Bryan County (although Pembroke is the county seat) and among the fastest growing in Georgia.
The major objective of the current study was to describe the production dynamics and biomass turnover rates of the major components of the chironomid assemblage occurring on the snag habitat of another Coastal Plain river, the Ogeechee River. Particular attention was given to measuring growth rates and determining production dynamics (i.e., temporal patterns).
The Ogeechee River is a 6th-order blackwater system located in the Coastal Plain of the southeastern USA.
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Ogeechee River, GA; BR = Broro River, GA; AR = Altamaha River,GA; LSR =
Questions about availability of thermal refuge in Ogeechee River have caused concern about the long-term fate of this population.
Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and other RRCC members, began restocking robust redhorse fingerlings produced from Oconee River adults into Georgia's Broad, Ocmulgee, and Ogeechee rivers to augment the populations there.