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n. pl. Oglala or O·gla·las
A member of a Native American people constituting a subdivision of the Lakota, formerly inhabiting the Black Hills region of western South Dakota, with a present-day population in southwest South Dakota.
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Noun1.Oglala - a member of the Siouan people who constituted a division of the Teton Sioux and who formerly inhabited the Black Hills of western South Dakota
Lakota, Teton, Teton Dakota, Teton Sioux - a member of the large western branch of Sioux people which was made up of several groups that lived on the plains
2.Oglala - a Siouan language spoken by the Oglala
Siouan language, Siouan - a family of North American Indian languages spoken by the Sioux
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"The Buffalo Hunt," a new documentary on the homeland of the Oglala Lakota, attempts to shun cliches around the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota involving poverty and addiction and instead focus on traditions around the Native American tribe.
The Oglala Sioux tribe is breaking barriers in the world of clean energy production.
Montileaux (an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, presenter, and consultant on Lakota culture) retells the origins of the drum, using traditional stories that Lakota people still tell today.
Some of the story titles are; Turtle Gets a Shell (Anishinabe), How the Fawn Got its Spots (Dakota, How the Bear Lost His Tail (Anishinabe), How Rabbit Brought Fire to the People (Native American), The Legend of the Cedar Tree (Cherokee), Wolf Tricks the Trickster (Shoshone), The Loon's Necklace (Tsimshian), the Boy Who Made a Dragonfly (Zuni), Crane the Fisher (Puyallup), Wise Owl (Woodland Indian), how Frog Helped Create the World (Iroquois), The Moon and the Great Snake (Blackfeet), the Salmon (Siletz), and The Great Hunter (Oglala Lakota).
Though we were an independent paper, the tribal president proclaimed that from then on, any attack on the newspaper would be considered an attack on the Oglala Sioux tribe itself.
Rick grows to appreciate and revere the ways of the land of his people, the Lakota Oglala Sioux Nation; You Choose turns his back on the Rez and all it would teach him.
The Reservation, which is home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe, last formally codified its laws in 1996.
They were made by local Oglala ladies, using scraps of patterned fabric, whatever happened to be available.
McDermott presents a biographical account of the life of Oglala Lakota (Sioux) leader Red Cloud, who played a major role in the history of the state of South Dakota during the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries.
Synopsis: Red Cloud of the Oglala Souix was a highly celebrated warrior who led his people to victory on the battlefield, Red Cloud was also a skilled diplomat who help the Oglala Sioux transition from a nomadic life to a reservation-based life.
He studied the emergence of intertribal resistance that had led to hybrid Plains bands composed of Hunkpapa, Oglala, Sans Arc, Brule, Two Kettles, and Miniconjou, and Lakota kinships with Cheyenne warriors and families.