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Noun1.Costanoan - a member of a North American Indian people living in coastal California between Monterey and San Francisco Bay
Penutian - a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Penutian languages
2.Costanoan - a Penutian language spoken by the Costanoan
Penutian - a family of Amerindian language spoken in the great interior valley of California
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College HI 535 10 CUNY BMCC NY 475 11 CUNY LaGuardia CC NY 437 12 Lone Star College System TX 447 13 EI Camino CC District CA 402 14 College of Southern Nevada NV 374 15 Valencia College FL 415 16 Ohlone College CA 335 17 Mt San Antonio College CA 410 18 Golden West College CA 363 19 Skyline College CA 334 20 Tarrant County Coll.
Elise, the founding co-coordinator of the Idle No More--Two Spirits on Ohlone Lands chapter, affirms this, telling me, "My Two Spirit identity isn't tied to my sexuality; [my] enactment of the roles and responsibilities to my community [is]." Both attest that these revered qualities go beyond sex and gender.
Paul Kahan, a lecturer at Ohlone College, provides more than a biography of Simon Cameron, Pennsylvania political boss and Lincoln's first Secretary of War.
She learns about the abuses toward the Native American Ohlone people and culture while studying her mother's ancestors for a school project.
The native American Ohlone shamen of California, treated goitre and hypotension with extracts from the root.
Smoke's desire to kill off any embodiment of male femininity replicates both Balboa's colonial Spanish murders of forty trans* Indigenous people in Panama and the Eurocentric cis-heteropatriarchal gendercide that Spaniards continued in California Indian and San Francisco Ohlone "Mission" districts.
Readers will stop by the Mission District, which was once home to the Ohlone Indians and Spanish missionaries, and is now full of artists and hipsters.
Capuyan said they shared solidarity with the Ohlone tribe in the San Francisco Bay area.
Yuen is a faculty member of Ohlone College in Fremont, California.
Moody's Investors Service has assigned an Aa2 rating to Ohlone Community College District's $165 million Election of 2010 General Obligation Bonds, Series C.