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n. pl.1.Palm leaves, prepared for being written upon with a style pointed with steel.
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Lizzy, who still enjoys "the odd glass of sherry," also revealed her young looks are down to the Oil of Olay moisturiser.
THIS week's telly round up starts with pretend hardman Ross Kemp, who revealed that he uses Oil of Olay to keep his skin smooth.
After toying around with the spelling of lanolin (a major ingredient in the concoction), Wulff also came up with a name for the cream: Oil of Olay.
Oil of Olay was seen as old-fashioned and no longer relevant.
The book includes charts and visual cues to illustrate organizational ideas, handy lists of do's and don'ts, strategy traps to avoid and detailed case studies of P&G's strategies for the company's best-known brands, such as Bounty, Swiffer and Oil of Olay. All this plus the authors' personal experiences and expertise make Playing to Win an important addition to every decision-maker's library.
Lee Gordon John White, 42, of Butterills Walk, Barry, was given an 18-month community order, with a drug rehabilitation requirement, and was ordered to pay PS150 compensation to Boots for stealing PS269.91 worth of Oil of Olay. He pleaded guilty and was also ordered to pay a PS60 victim surcharge.
Stole Oil of Olay valued at pounds 10 from Lloyds Pharmacy, Newcastle, on March 15.
David Swarbrick, 25, of Aston Old Road, Openshaw, got 24 months after he helped himself to pounds 25 worth of Oil of Olay. Anthony Winder, 38, got two years for smashing a display cabinet at a Swarovski Crystal store to get his hands on an ornamental dog.
Especially when I see those really young women worrying about their non-existent crow lines and then they put on 'Oil of Olay' and miraculously they disappear!
Chantal, signed up to Kate Moss's model agency Storm, has also starred in TV and magazine adverts for Oil of Olay and Cornetto ice-cream.
Chantal has also starred in TV ads for Head &Shoulders shampoo and Cornetto ice-cream as well as glossy magazine ads for Jameson's Irish whiskey, Oil of Olay and Ravel.