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n. pl.1.Palm leaves, prepared for being written upon with a style pointed with steel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"When I started out guys were probably taking out Oil of Ulay from their granny's bag.
In 1998, model Louise Marr caused quite a stir when she took a shower in the back of a Mini to promote Oil of Ulay's moisturising body wash.
And the Ibrox boss reckons his severe 24-month ageing process has also blown chances of an Oil of Ulay modelling career.
Boys, please tell me what Oil of Ulay bottle you use!
No it doesn't have loads of buttons and switches on it (a good thing) and it isn't trimmed in high quality leather from cows that were rubbed with Oil of Ulay, but it does have a design that was copied from Ronald McDonald's gob.
Emma wrote: "Every month he would send me up town to buy him his monthly supply of Oil of Ulay and Lynx."
Only 28 - "I'm very old, actually, it's just all the Oil of Ulay" - and a long way from the traditional mould of an MD, Starkey has gathered a lot of experience in just a few years.
Emma, once the face of Oil of Ulay, said she loved making the programme which is set to be aired on TV3 in the next month.
Oil of Ulay is now Oil of Olay, a move that will appeal to all budding English bullfighters seeking perfect skin.
The Pirelli shoot led to Revlon billboards and Waris is the first black woman to become the face of Oil of Ulay.