Oil test

a test for determining the temperature at which petroleum oils give off vapor which is liable to explode.

See also: Oil

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Crude oil test flows via Iraqi Kurdistan's new pipeline have reached Turkey's Mediterranean export hub of Ceyhan and the pipeline is expected to be operational soon, according to Turkey's Energy Minister Taner Yildiz.
Yesterday, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority's (DEWA) Transformer Oil Test laboratory has become the first government laboratory for transformer oil testing in the UAE to achieve the international ISO/IEC 17025 certification.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) glass consumables for the olive oil test laboratory at the Food Industries Technology Center, also (b) laboratory instruments & chromatography analysis requisites at the olive oil test laboratory at the same center.
After completing this well in the next few days, the rig will move to drill Texon's first Wilcox oil test which is expected to spud in about a week.
Kittiwake Developments, the UK based specialist producer of oil test kits, equipment and sampling products provides the tools necessary for industrial engineers to conduct these crucial maintenance routines.
UL approved and GSA certified, the CE conforming Olflex 190 provides resistance to mineral oils, synthetic oils and water-based coolants owing to its oil-resistant insulation as well as a jacket that passes the stringent requirements of the VDE 0472 Section 803 oil test. A separate model in the series -- Olflex 190 CY -- incorporates tinned copper shielding for isolation from electrical interference.
At the Insitut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung (Institute for Polymer Processing), IKV, at the University of Aachen, Germany, up to 10% by weight of a process oil test liquid was continuously dispersed in the matrix of an elastomer, with adequate homogeneity, in the Transfermix section of an MCTD extruder (ref.
The AEM-D compound showed the greatest volume increase at a consistent value of 22% in the Ford motor oil and gradually increasing from 17-25% in the GM motor oil test.
The company has formed a joint project with the Department of Energy (DOE) at the Rocky Mountain Oil Test Center (RMOTC), and has validated feasibility of proven technology already used in Geothermal and Recovered Energy Generation (REG) for production of commercial electricity using hot water, which is produced during oil and gas field production.
If anything, the bonds improved in the hot oil test, possibly because extended heat treatment increases the crosslinking of the adhesive.
BPZ Resources, Inc (AMEX: BPZ), a US-based company that explores for oil and gas, has announced oil test results from the CX11-20XD well, Corvina field, offshore Block Z-1 in Northwest Peru.