Oil tree

(Bot.) A plant of the genus Ricinus (Ricinus communis), from the seeds of which castor oil is obtained.
An Indian tree, the mahwa. See Mahwa.
The oil palm.

See also: Oil, Oil, Oil

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The government has also issued various regulations that ensure that palm oil is environmentally friendly, including criminalization of land clearing through burning methods and also a moratorium on land expansion for palm oil tree growing.
To attract more foreign funds in the agriculture sector, 100% FDI has been allowed in coffee, rub cardamom, palm oil tree and olive oil tree plantations, besides tea plantation in which FDI has already been allowed.
A palm oil tree can yield useable fruit in three years and continue doing so for the next 25 years.
Lophira, tree of the ochnaceae family also known as Meni oil tree, false shea and locally called beung in Chamba language and namijin kadanya in Hausa language, grows in the dry zones as well as the moist evergreen forest of tropical Africa [1,2].
The tank resin-jointly developed with DuPont Kabushiki Kaisha--is produced by a chemical reaction between two organic compounds derived from the castor oil tree and petroleum.
Stay at beautiful Villa Montesolare; Spread The Goodness of the Olive Oil Tree every day with Bertolli spread
At The Oil Tree, the holiday baking and gift-giving season helped the store have an extraordinary fourth quarter.
Tung tree [Vernicia fordii (Hemsl.) Airy-Shaw], one member of Euphorbiaceae family, is an important woody oil tree species native to China.
Corn, cashew, oat, palm, lupine, rubber seed, kenaf, calendula, cotton, hemp, soybean, rapeseed, olive tree, castor bean, jojoba, pecan, oil palm, coffee, linseed, hazelnut, euphorbia, pumpkin seed, sesame, safflower, rice, sunflower, peanut, tung oil tree, jatropha, macadamia nut, brazil nut, avocado, coconut and macuba palm.
That was why, when we travelled to Agusan del Sur and Norte as part of our work before our retirement, we saw both sides of the Maharlika Highway lined with palm oil trees. Some palm oil extracting plants were put up in strategic locations to cater to the demands of farmers for transport cost-friendly delivery of their produce.