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Noun1.Okenfuss - German naturalist whose speculations that plants and animals are made up of tiny living `infusoria' led to the cell theory (1779-1851)
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Thus he fails to include new publications such as the already mentioned work by Elise Kimerling Wirtschafter or the writings by Mark Okenfuss and Andrei S.
"We extended our parental leave policy as part of our ongoing efforts to support work-life balance for our attorneys," said Judy Okenfuss, an Ice Miller managing partner.
20 April 2011: Victor Andrew Huber, Julie Michelle Meyer, Chad Okenfuss, Svyatoslav Puyat, Scott A.
One can find, however, historians of education publishing comparative histories in the HEQ; for example, Alison Prentice, Michael Katz, past president of HES, Ben Eklof and Max Okenfuss.