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n.1.(Min.) A massive and fibrous mineral of a whitish color, chiefly hydrous silicate of lime.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Therefore the book's chief appeal for collectors is in the slightly sad pleasure its photo gallery offers in showing us nice, aka "interesting," things now gone, or at least unavailable: specimens of Bingham Canyon apophyllite, okenite, copper, enargite, chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite, and a few others, such as we almost surely have never seen.
From the Komsomol mine: clusters of green ktenasite microcrystals; acicular tufts of white thaumasite; tabular apophyllite crystals to 5 cm, some of them water-clear or showing growth zones; transparent, rhombohedral crystals of calcite in clusters to 5 cm; white okenite "puff balls" to 6 mm; attractive clusters of orange stilbite crystals to 6 cm; clusters of attractive pink laumontite to 6 mm; and sharp, lustrous pyrite crystals on pink apophyllite-encrusted matrix to 8 cm across.
Some specimens identified in the past as okenite may instead be mordenite.
Currier did likewise with goosecreekite and yugawaralite; he also brought to America quantities of superb specimens of okenite, and pseudomorphs of prehnite after laumontite.