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n.1.(Min.) See Ocher.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(21) From the 1820s, Middleton of London began exporting to India "Cobalt blue, yellow oker, Indian red or cologne earth,...
Oker III; Deed; Pope & Ward's 1st Add Christopher Lots 1 & PT 2 Blk 11.
Alena Sycheva Russian film critic, Gilles Lemounaud French film director and screenwriter, Julia Oker German animator and designer, Ketevan Janelidze Georgian Animator, Omid Khoshnazar Iranian animator and Ali Nouri Oskoei Iranian animator and short film director will evaluate the selected works in the line-up for international short films and feature animations.
An example of this active cultural archetype consists in the case of the "immured worker from the Oker Dam in Germany" that was discussed by Sigrid Schmidt in the mid 90's in the context of contemporary legends.
Verskeie kleure kom egter op die eksterieur van die tempel voor, telkens op strategiese plekke soos die kapitele, entablemente en deurkosyne, beklemtoon met ligte kleure soos geel, oker en goud, ook donker kleure waaronder blou, donkerbruin en donkerrooi, en in 'n mindere mate helderrooi en groen.
Oker and Ozyapc (2013) also determined the costs of the unused capacity that was allocated to both open and laparoscopic surgeries.
(48) Turgut Oker and Ali Kenanoglu, well-known figures within the Alevi community in Turkey and Europe, were amongst the candidates who were not re-elected from the HDP list in the November elections.
Det pastas at det autoritative, vitenskapelige og praktiske paradigmet i de vestlige landene idag er basert pa troen av at studier med nok deltakere oker paliteligheten og at resultatene kan generaliseres til hele populasjoner (33).
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